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Modern Cryptocurrency Platform Delivers Medicines and Food to Battling Venezuelans

Venezuelans struggling to last amid the failing health policy and decaying economy are being offered a potential lifeline through a modern cryptocurrency platform.

Danish telecoms executive Casper Niebe wanted to do something to assist after studying about a Venezuelan baby who died when his malnourished mother could not breastfeed him.

“That baby died for want of $20 worth of formula,” Niebe said. “I found that completely devastating.”

With the assistance of scholars and professors at the IT University of Copenhagen, Niebe has developed a website known Pollo Pollo – the Spanish phrase for rooster – to allow Venezuelans to request and sell products, and donors to support.

Through the website, those in need can search for food, medicines, livestock, school supplies – and register as wanting the goods.

A donor – friend, family member or stranger – can then go browsing and buy the product for the individual, utilizing cryptocurrency. The recipient in Venezuela will then go to the shop to collect the product which has been purchased for them.

The seller can cash the cryptocurrency in via a bank, or change it to any currency on the earth and place it in a bank account.

Conventional channels of help are, in Venezuela, extraordinarily politicized and unstable. An attempt to bring international assistance into the country in February declined into chaos when the Venezuelan police shut the frontiers with Colombia and Brazil, firing tear gas and live ammo at those attempting to move forward.

Russia and China have been capable of providing some help, although President Nicolas Maduro’s government controls where it’s given. The United Nations is limited by Maduro rejecting offers of support, and the Red Cross can solely work where Maduro permits.

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