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Measles-Stricken New Zealand Girl Toured Disneyland, Other California Tourist Placesc

A girl from New Zealand sick with measles visited Disneyland and other typical tourist destinations across Southern California earlier this month, presumably infecting others, local authorities health delegates warned.

The alert comes amid the worst epidemic of measles in the USA in a quarter-century, with over 1,200 cases reported across 30 states since October 2018, based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Management and Prevention.

The Orange County Health Care Agency mentioned that the girl was in Southern California from Aug. 11 to Aug. 15.

Throughout her stay in Southern California, the girl visited the Universal Studios Theme Park, and several other destinations in Hollywood and Santa Monica, Los Angeles well-being delegates stated, adding that anybody who was at these places may be at risk of spreading measles.

Orange County health delegates stated she visited Disneyland in Anaheim on Aug. 12 and stayed at the close by Desert Palms Resort.

Thus far in 2019, a total of 16 measles cases have been reported among Los Angeles County citizens, and 11 infected people are identified to have traveled through the county.

The CDC stated earlier this week that there had been a 1.8% rise in the number of cases of the extremely contagious and generally deadly virus in the US between Aug. 8 and Aug. 15.

The disease was declared eliminated in the USA in 2000, which means there was no continuous transmission for at least a year. CDC delegates say the US risks losing its measles elimination standing if the current epidemic, which started in October 2018 in New York state, continues until October 2019.

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