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Lyft And Uber Drivers Receive $3o/Hour as A Minimum Salary In Los Angeles

Lawmakers in Los Angeles have permitted commissioning research to look at the feasibility of setting a $30/hour minimum wage for Lyft and Uber drivers.

The City Council directive comes days after Council President Herb Wesson asked for a draft ordinance requiring drivers for the rideshare firms to earn a $15 hourly wage, plus an extra $15 to cover bills.

The Los Angeles Times reported that greater than 100 Uber and Lyft drivers wearing neon green shirts attended the Tuesday morning meeting. Some held indicators that read “Regulate rideshare!” and “LA for $30.”

Eduardo Belalcazar, a member of the Mobile Workers Alliance and a driver, supported government intervention, saying the two rideshare behemoths solely look out for their very own pursuits at the expense of drivers.

“We’re not asking for the moon. Simply $15 to cover bills, and $15 to take a house,” he mentioned.

Many Lyft and Uber drivers in California argue it is getting tougher to make ends meet due to a rise in housing prices and gas costs.

“We’ve extra to fret about than simply ensuring we have to pay our lease,” driver James Hicks instructed KCBS-TV. “Our vehicles are our livelihood — We have to guarantee that we’re holding them on the highway. Fuel is too much. However, we even have brakes to worry about, we’ve got windshields to worry about, we’ve got windshield wipers to worry about.”

Lyft spokesperson Lauren Alexander informed Fox News that the corporate offers an “assured wage floor” and that driver earnings had elevated 6.4 % in the previous two years. She stated drivers make greater than $31 per hour on average.

Uber supports “commitments on driver earnings” however has concerns the research is “based on potentially false assumptions that may fundamentally bias its conclusions,” a spokesperson instructed the Times.

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