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CDC Investigates Lung Illness Tied to E-Cigarettes Use

The U.S. Facilities for Disease Control and Prevention is probing a “cluster” of lung diseases that it believes may be connected to e-cigarette use after such cases were registered in 14 states.

The CDC noted there was no evidence that an infectious disease was behind the illnesses and that more information was required to determine whether or not they were the truth is caused by e-cigarette use.

The CDC is working with health divisions in Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Indiana and Minnesota on the probe. Since June 28, states have reported 94 potential cases of extreme lung sickness linked to vaping, mainly among youngsters and younger adults, per a CDC assertion on Saturday. Of these registered cases, 30 took place in Wisconsin.

Patients experienced coughing and fatigue. Some had severe breathing problems that required ventilation.

A CDC spokesperson was unable to provide more information on the probe. Representatives for the state health departments didn’t respond to inquiries.

States such as New York and New Jersey, have further issued health advisories regarding vaping-connected lung diseases.

The CDC didn’t link the sicknesses to any specific product. In the US, Juul Labs, in which Altria Group has a 35% stake, is the ruling e-cigarette manufacturer.

E-cigarettes are usually considered safer than traditional cigarettes, which kill as much as half of all lifetime users, based on the World Health Organization. However, the long-term wellbeing consequences of the nicotine devices remain mostly unknown.

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